Annecy Lac d’Argent will host Euro Micro on 8-9 September 2018

Micro Lac d'argent Annecy SRVA 2018
Du samedi 08 à 9 septembre 2018
Lac d'Annecy
Classic Tour Classic Tour (coef. 3) Micro IMCCA - Grade 4
SRV Annecy
Jacques Pottier

31 Rue des Marquisats
74000 Annecy
Lac d'Annecy

06 07 01 78 99

A propos de la régate

A propos du club

This year, on 8/9 September Annecy (SRVA) will host the French Euro Micro Leg.

We are waiting for boats coming from Poland, Italy Germany and as each year lots of crews from France, and so, build Euro Micro as a successful event for the Micro Class.

In September there are good wind conditions on Annecy Lake (better than in August). For the last year we had always good weather conditions, and at least one windy day. Race officer will be able to manage races, according to wind conditions.

The Annecy Club, SRVA, has demonstrated last year during WC 2017 a high level of friendly organization either on water or on shore. Around Annecy there are a lot of spot to visit and enjoy time either around the lake or on nearby mountains.

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