Plobsheim’s stage of European Micro well attended

This year, Strasbourg gets back its stage of European Micro championship for a year, between France two Microcups, that’s to say, Brest 2015 and Annecy 2017.
In 2014, Plobsheim had already gathered 21 boats from four nations (Russia, Poland, Germany, which would on no account miss this first major regatta of the season). The Micr’Eau d’heure 2015 had confirmed the strong will of Eastern european countries to participate in the Euro Micro once more.

But this is without including the Savoyards, being sure to take part in their first international confrontation massively, with Annecy’s Microcup 2017
in line of sight and the main teams having already announced their venue. Associated with all Great Eastern Micros, motivated by their 2015 season,
and adding the regular crews from Paris, the number of participants should break records this year.

The ACAL has shown its expertise in organizing events since 2013, on land as well as on water. Warm welcome in the morning with coffee,
flawless race committee in all weather conditions, festive evening with local products are on.

In the meantime that evening, their partner “l’Atelier à Voile” will organize a provisional awards ceremony and a distribution of prizes.
Monique Hoffart, an expert in old sails transformation, and the creator of friendly and amazing objects will concockt gifts for sure.

l’Atelier à voile” is specialized in a production made from sailcloth ; shade cloths or unusual objects, repairing boat sails and even kite surfs.
Moreover, Monique amazingly creates covers and various bags, and she also sells nautical hardware.

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